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Explore Jupiter by Boat with the famous and always entertaining Captain Mark

Explore Jupiter by Boat with Captain Mark

The Flying Lady is a 27′ Able Marine Custom built in Southwest Harbor, ME in 1977. Since the early 1920’s this picturesque seaside town has been producing some of the most beautiful vessels ever built. Able built a very high quality Maine built boat. The interesting thing about Southwest Harbor is that workers from in and around the area tend to migrate between companies like Lyman Morse, Morris, Hinckley, Ellis etc. This insured Able had no shortage of high quality craftsmen. The Flying Lady was built as a personal launch for a local resident and stayed in the family for quite a few years. In the early 90’s she was sold and moved to the shores of Lake Champlain. In April of 2018 The Lady was brought down to Florida to begin her 7 month stem to stern restoration and is now recommissioned for your cruising pleasure.

Jupiter by Boat with Captain Mark

Meet the Flying Lady

The Flying Lady was the ”act” in which my beloved grandmother Laura Lorow Manos performed in the early 1900s. That “act” was to swing by her jaws from a trapeze.

Born 1908, Blackfoot, Idaho. to Bret James Lorow and Nellie Johnston Lorow. Bert James real last name was Willis but changed it to Lorow after he and his father came to a disagreement about using the word freaks instead of oddities in one of their shows. His father Col. E Willis was one of the founders of the famed Coney Island in NY.


At 5yrs old Laura became the bass drummer for the family Scottish Band. She held that position until 12, then graduated to Bag Piper. Laura at 16 joined a British trapeze act, The Flying Behees and did a High Wire Walking act of her own which included “hanging by her teeth”…..Legend has it that the “Catcher” Behee ( who later brought “Flying Trapeze” to Fla State U.) was abusive in his training methods.


Pete Manos (My Grandfather), an Athletic Show wrestler intervened and went on to marry Laura…..By 1925 the “Flying Lady”, in Garden City, NY., while booked with Christy Bros. Circus “came down to earth” and flew for the last time. The Lorows, as a Circus family, can be traced from Bert’s birth in 1866 to 1960 in Billboard Magazine Archives. So as soon as I pulled back that canvas in Vermont and saw that timeless bow and the sweeping lines I instantly thought of my grandmother gliding effortlessly through the air and at that moment I knew the boat and business would be named The Flying Lady.

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