The Loxahatchee Limbo

The flying lady has a bimini top that is retractable, giving us just enough room to "limbo" under the train bridge when closed.

We always take the Loxahatchee River course for our sunset cruises. It makes for the perfect backdrop as we progress Eastbound back to the dock for our beautiful Jupiter sunset.

Sometimes when we return we will find that the train bridge has lowered and we either need to wait for the train to pass and the bridge to go back up or we…limbo!

On the Flying Lady we can lower our bimini top and have just enough room to clear under the bridge.

The clearance is only about 2 feet and passengers need to lower their heads but we can safely pass under the bridge…While the train is traveling above our heads!

It’s quite an experience.

The train makes a tremendous noise and you can actually see the cars above your head through the tracks.

The limbo is not for everyone and we only do it when requested, but it’s definitely a show stopping moment, especially for the kids!

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